Nonpareil Raw Natural Almonds 500g - Pesticide Insecticide Free

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The Nonpareil Almond, an almond like no other, the designer nut. They’re pretty, slightly sweet, plump and golden in colour which is fitting when its name literally translates to like no other, having no match or equal. This almond is definitely unrivalled in its prettiness. More important this almond is such a versatile variety, delicious roasted, or toasted and tossed with some spices or simply throw them raw on a platter and serve up. Taronga Almonds are pesticide free, freshly harvested and stored under optimum conditions to ensure they are fresh for our lovely customers.

100% all natural almonds
Sustainably grown
Locally produced & crafted on the farm
Pesticide free
Insecticide free
No additives
No preservatives
100% compostable packaging
Made in a peanut free facility