Almond Origins

Just like the grapes our neighbours in McLaren Vale famously grow, almonds come in a wide range of varieties. Each variety boasts a different flavour and texture profile, making them ideal for different products and uses. At Taronga Almonds we know how each of our almond varieties are unique and how best to optimise their delicious flavours. That’s why you’ll find us using certain varieties in our delicious nut butters, while we offer others raw, roasted, or covered in mouth-watering chocolate.

Johnston Almonds
Our Johnston Almonds have been grown in the Fleurieu region for generations. Johnston’s are large and flat, have a dark brown skin, and distinct growth lines. When you describe someone as having almond-shaped eyes, these are the nuts you’d be comparing them to.

Johnston’s are creamy in texture and deliver a delicious umami hit to the tastebuds. We love them raw or flavoured, in our tasty selection of baking goods, and in our delicious nut butters.

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Somerton Almonds
If you prefer your almonds to have a slightly sweeter kick, you’ll go nuts for our Somerton Almonds. They’re similar, yet ever-so-subtly different to the Johnston’s in many ways. They’re still a flat nut, but a little smaller. A lighter brown than the Johnston’s, their growth lines are a little more blended. When you pop one in your mouth, you’ll find them to be a little crunchier, a little less creamy, and a little sweeter than their cousins. When roasted, they level up their crunch, deliver a hint of smokiness, and a delicious savoury nuttiness moves in to complement their natural sweetness. If you were lucky enough to have an almond tree in your back yard as a kid, and have fond memories of picking and eating the nuts straight from the tree, this variety will invoke your nostalgia for those happy times. 

We love them raw, roasted, or flavoured, and we love to throw them into our delicious baking goods and nut butters.

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You will not be disappointed with these almonds, their old-fashioned flavours invoke memories of childhoods spent picking almonds in the backyards of days gone by.

Nonpareil Almonds 
Our Nonpareil Almonds are lighter again in colour, teetering from light brown to golden, with more distinction between their growth lines than both the Somerton’s and the Johnston’s. They’re a plump little nut (some might say well-rounded) and quite pretty in appearance, making them perfect for decorating your food platters. 

Crunch-wise they sit in the middle, being crunchier than the Johnston’s but not quite as crunchy as the Somerton’s. They deliver a delicious savoury earthy flavour on the palate and are the most versatile of all our nuts. We love them raw, roasted or toasted, and think they’re irresistible when tossed with spices.

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All Taronga Almonds are pesticide free, freshly harvested and stored under optimum conditions to ensure they are fresh for our lovely customers.