Johnston Raw Natural Almonds 500g

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Johnston Almonds are a very old-fashioned Australian almond, grown historically within the Fleurieu Region. Together with the Somerton Almonds they are known as a brown skinned almond. In appearance these almonds can be quite large, dark, flat with a slight bend towards the tip and with solid growth grain lines. Most importantly their flavour is creamy, but slightly sourer than their Somerton Almond counterpart. Johnston Almonds have a cult following where many memories are brought to life from a childhood spent helping family members pick these amazing almonds in the backyards of days gone by. Taronga Almonds are pesticide free, freshly harvested and stored under optimum conditions to ensure they are fresh for our lovely customers.

100% all natural almonds
Sustainably grown
Locally produced & crafted on the farm
Pesticide free
No additives
No preservatives
100% compostable packaging
Made in a peanut free facility